Studio 68

Working alongside producer and great mate Matt Barnes has resulted in countless singles radio airplay, 4 record projects and major chartings both in Australia & Overseas. Matt is a great friend of Jack and a world class engineer/producer. Get in touch to take your music to the next level!

Maton Guitars

Maton guitars are by far Australia’s most well known and loved acoustic guitars with a worldwide reputation dating back to 1946. Jack chooses to play Maton acoustic guitars both live & in the studio. Jack is a Maton endorsed artist alongside the elite company of John Butler, Tommy Emmanuel, Paul Kelly, Josh Homme (Queens of the stone age), Eric Johnson & Keith Urban to name just a few.

Jam Pedals

Jam pedals create some of the finest boutique guitar effects pedals ever created. Jack currently uses the Red Muck Fuzz, Double Dreamer Overdrive & Dynassor Compressor pedals on his effects board for both band and solo work. Guitarists do yourself a favour and plug into a Jam Pedal!

Gibson Guitars

Gibson guitars are arguably the worlds most well known guitar brand. Gibson are responsible for some of most iconic electric + acoustic guitars ever invented and are used by many of the greatest players ever to play the guitar. In 2018, Jack was welcomed in the Gibson guitar family.

Jindabyne Brewing

Opening its doors in 2015, Jindabyne brewing is producing the highest quality beers and is rapidly getting a great name in the craft beer industry. These legends proudly sponsor Jack’s musical endeavours and created the BIILMANN beer which comes on tap in spring and summer.

Diamond Bottlenecks Guitar Slides

Jack has proudly played diamond bottleneck guitar slides over the past year. After discussions with the team and design tweaks, the creation of the “Jack Biilmann Signature Amber Glow Slide” was born, which is now available worldwide.  Ian McWee creates amazing slides and provides an amazing service from the UK, look no further for your slides.